As a supporter of ethical, cruelty-free animal treatment, PALEO RANCH® promotes health for humans and animals. Worried about preservatives, GMOs, gluten, artificial ingredients, added growth hormones, antibiotics, and steroids in your Paleo snacks? That’s not our style! We want to help you and your families meet and exceed your happiness, health, and nutrition goals while maintaining your Paleo lifestyle. Be sure to check out our delectable 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef Jerky, 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Kippered Beef Sticks, and All Natural Uncured Bacon Jerky! They will definitely be your favorite, go-to Paleo snacks!

Ranching the Right Way!
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Unethical Non Grass-fed Ranching
& How It Effects You

Animals are often given additional hormones, chemicals, corn and surrounded by an unnatural lifestyle.  This lifestyle is deemed by many as unethical. Many health risks can arise when animals are raised in these conditions.

These animals are typically raised in a feedlot. A feedlot is an intensive, unethical confinement where animals not only eat but live. In most cases, each animal has 5 to 10 square meters of space.  A pen may house 50 to 200 cattle. These cattle are forced to stand, eat, and sleep in their own feces; this is a very unnatural, inhumane, unethical experience for them. These conditions cause respiratory problems for the animals. The cattle are then ‘treated’ for these problems with antibiotics.

The cattle are fed a diet which consist of 90% modified grains, soy, supplements (that speed up growth), and other chemicals. Hay, straw, or grass often account for less than 10 percent of their diet. Over time, the modified grains and other unnatural products cause inflammation of the wall of the rumen. Eventually, the wall of the rumen becomes ulcerated and no longer absorbs nutrients as efficiently. As a consumer of unethically treated and grain-fed animals, this means less nutritional intake and more unnatural substances for your body to digest. So, take all that into consideration the next time you purchase beef that has not been all natural, grass-fed.

We at PALEO RANCH® only use cruelty-free, humanely treated cattle.  100% Grass-fed beef is how we roll.

As a supporter of ethical, cruelty-free animal treatment, PALEO Ranch promotes health for humans and animals.


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