CrossFit may be a semi-new exercise craze; however, it has been many decades in the making. Designed and developed by Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit doesn’t specialize in any one particular area or workout. Many different components combine to create one amazing, hard-hitting, spontaneous workout routine.

While it may seem overwhelming and difficult, this workout regimen is practical and great for everyone. This universally scalable program uses fitness and health information aligned with a WOD (Workout of the Day) to help transform the unthinkable into the completely doable. Each CrossFit class prepares the participants for any of life’s physical challenges. We all have different levels of physical ability. We all are in need of similar types of body training. This is where CrossFit comes in. CrossFit shows us what to do. Functional movements and maximum intensity has paved the way for CrossFit to become one of the most popular, influential, and life-altering fitness programs.

Sprouting up all over the United States, the CrossFit culture has even infiltrated ESPN in the form of the televised ‘CrossFit Games’. To build strength and to condition the body effectively with CrossFit, a balance of fitness, health, and nutrition must be implemented.  A proper, nutritious diet and an energetic fitness regimen (like CrossFit) go hand in hand for a healthy life.

If CrossFit is a training program for life, going Paleo is the best way to supply the required energy. Our PALEO Ranch products serve as perfect pre-workout and post-workout snacks, anytime treats, or as a part of a delicious, balanced meal.  With numerous jerky flavors you won’t be disappointed or bored with our Paleo friendly, healthy products.

No matter what exercise regimen you choose, you should always discuss any new lifestyle changed with your doctor.  By communicating with your physician, you can plan the best ways to keep yourself happy, healthy, and fit!

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